Return of the...sad blogger | Let's try again


Hi all! Long time no blog post!

The last time I posted I made a promise to get back into blogging and when I said that, I really did have the intention to get back into it and I was determined to make it apart of my life again. This time, no promises. Because I love blogging but I found that I was doing it all for the wrong reasons.

But I'm currently sat in my Starbucks store (oh I got a new job...I'm now a barista!), trying to do some uni work, talking to friends and enjoying the lovely weather we're having today. And I'm happy. But don't let my smile and demeanour fool you. On the inside I'm dying.

Things in my life have recently started crashing down around me and foundations that I thought were stable have been proving not to be and I don't really know what's going on inside my own head. And that's okay. It's okay to not be okay sometimes and I've really had to reassure myself of that over the past few weeks.

And I'm doing something that a few months ago I never would have dreamed of doing - I'm taking time for myself. I'm focusing on what makes me happy and putting everything I have into uni and it's distracting me from the sadness that I would normally let consume me.

Because no matter how bad life gets there is always something that keeps you going, that makes you smile even if just for a second. And I have so much to be grateful for, my job is amazing and the people I've met through it are some of the best people I've ever met. And I'm having so much fun with uni and meeting new people through the course. The fact that I will be on placement soon is terrifying but exciting!

So I guess I'm going to start blogging again but only when I need to vent or just clear my head because that's what I loved about blogging all those months ago. So don't expect anything too consistent. And who knows, I might not even post again for months to come. Time will tell.

How have you all been? Update me!

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