I will get back into blogging...I promise


I know, I know. I keep saying it. But I WILL get back into blogging regularly again if it kills me! Okay so that's a little bit dramatic but you get the idea. I've been telling myself and you guys that I will start blogging regularly and I guess life has just got in the way a little bit and I've neglected it. So here's an update as to what's been going on with me since I last spoke to you all!

So I last told you guys that I was seeing someone called Felix...we're still together, in fact he's asleep upstairs feeling ill as I write this post. We've been together nearly 6 months now but it feels like I've known him for years. He's met all my family and they adore him and think we're great together and I practically live with him and his parents so I'm confident in the fact that they like me. We've been through a lot in the short time we've been together (alcohol addictions, change of jobs and losing jobs to name a few) but I can honestly say I've never felt so supported and so loved in all my life. I can't wait to see where life takes us!

Another major change in my life has been the number of pets we have! We had a couple of tarantulas and a snake when I last spoke to you. We currently have 1 frog, 1 scorpion, 2 millipedes, 3 snakes, 6 geckos and 38 tarantulas. We basically have a miniature zoo. I'm working on a blog for all things animal related so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I didn't start university in September but I think I already told you lovelies that I would most likely be starting in March. I however declined my offer for Plymouth, not wanting to leave Cardiff as it's my favourite place to be. I re-applied and this time I applied for Cardiff even though I didn't think it would lead anywhere. And then I received and email asking me to attend an interview next week! I was so happy! Do me a favour and keep everything crossed for me on the 13th?

Not too much else has happened really. At least nothing that needs writing on here! I'm in a very fluctuating state at this current time and there's no telling what each day will bring but with the support of those that I love, I'm doing okay, considering.

I will definitely try to post a lot more on here. I really do miss it. But I can't promise anything!

What have you guys been up to?

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  1. It's lovely to hear that you're so happy! Wishing you lots of luck on the thirteenth, I hope it all goes well! xx