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When I first moved to Cardiff everyone told me that I should get a pet to keep me company. And I thought it was a great idea but I never went through with it. That is, until I met Felix and my new obsession began.

Felix had a couple of baby tarantulas (or, slings) when I met him and a not so baby chile rose called Tina. And after spending time looking at them and how adorable and fascinating they are, I had to get myself one. And so I picked up my first sling - a Grammostola Pulchripes (Chaco Golden Knee). And it is the cutest thing ever.

They have a pretty slow growth rate and will take years to be fully grown. Which is fine by me! I love how tiny it is. They're also really docile and easy to handle and so are perfect for a first sling.

And then I went and got a psalmopoeous pulcher (Panama Blonde). Which is slightly more difficult to look after. They require a higher temperature and need to be sprayed every couple of days with water due to their natural climate. But these spiders are more likely to be on display and love climbing on the branches in their enclosures.

Then, slightly more randomly, me and Felix got a millipede each. They are too cute. They're epibolus pulchripes (red-legged millipedes) and so, as their name would imply, they have bright red legs. And lots of them. They are really easy to look after and only require water and veg to keep them happy! However, they are mischievous and have managed to escape once, almost giving me a heart attack in the process. Just keep the lid on!

And finally, we got a snake. A Heterodox Basics (Western Hognose) to be more precise and she is the most adorable thing ever. She was a re-home in one of the reptile shops we frequent and was the runt of the litter. She's so precious with her little nose. Again, they're easy to look after, she only eats once a week at the moment, and don't require too much attention. Although she loves it.

I'm sure these won't be the last of my creatures so I will keep you updated on anymore that I decide to get and if anyone would like to know more about some of the tarantulas that Felix has (21 in total as I type this), then let me know in the comments below!

Do you have any unusual pets?

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