Bestival | Why it truly was the best


This time last year, as the festival blues were in full swing, Christmas adverts were cropping up everywhere and an immense need to dance was going unsatisfied, I decided that I simply had to go to another festival this year. But having friends who have other commitments or simply no desire to go to festivals, I was unsure if I'd fulfil dance seeking Zoe's desire.

That was until one lonely, boredom filled afternoon where I decided enough was enough and I messaged a friend of a friend who I knew would be more than likely up for a festival if she wasn't already planning one (hi Ali). Luckily, her and a group of friends were planning to head to Bestival and before my rationale thinking brain decided to kick in again, I booked my ticket.

Now, those of you that have read any previous blog posts will be aware that I suffer with quite severe anxiety and this flares up in social and new situations. And so, heading off to the Isle of Wight on my own to meet someone I'd only met twice previously and 6 other people I'd never met was, to say the least, terrifying.

But that's what made Bestival so great. Before I went I'd noticed my anxiety was getting worse again; I was struggling to walk through town on my own and do anything new so I knew I needed to push myself to go to Bestival. In a way, it was kind of lucky that I only noticed on the Tuesday that week that it was on the Thursday. Although it was stressful trying to prepare for a festival in less that two days, I think it helped me to just get on and do it and not overthink it.

And once I'd got the festival I was already more relaxed. The group of people I met up with were so lovely and we all clicked so well. Throughout the weekend I was still noticeably the quiet one but I didn't feel uncomfortable with that like I normally do. And as we were all in agreement that we weren't overly fussed on seeing too many people, we spent the day chilling around the campsite playing drinking games  or exploring places like Bollywood, the Enchanted Forest and the Space Portal and then headed out to the arena in the night to listen to music and dance.

And I realised I was so much less anxious when I had absolutely no problem walking around by myself, being in a crowd and talking to people in the crowds. At one point walking to the arena I got talking to these two guys who were teaching me the best way to walk through the mud and ended up singing Justin Bieber with them and teaching one of them why Beyonce is queen. Don't ask.

With so much going on, great music, banging food, sunshine (most of the time anyway), friendly people and enough glitter to give Strictly a run for their money, Bestival was definitely my favourite festival experience so far. Can't wait to see what next year holds with the Festival Crew!

What is your favourite festival experience?
Or what festivals would you like to go to?

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