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You're probably very much aware of how nerdy I am or can be. And so it will come as no surprise to you that I decided a few months ago to sign up for a Pop in a Box subscription!

We all know what those Funko Pop figures look like and honestly, I'm obsessed already! They are too precious! Each month you get a set number of pops sent to you (I went with 1 a month because it's probably for the best) and you can go onto the website and choose which ones you don't want, already have and ones you really want. That way your sub is completely personalised to you!

So lets have a catch up of where I am right now with my pops!

First up is...


Hawkeye is one of those characters that I feel is overlooked quite often because "he only has a bow and arrow" and yet he is one of my favourites so it makes sense for me to have the pop.

Iron Man

Sticking with the Marvel theme, I got Iron Man after the second Avengers film was out simply because Iron Man is great and I simply fell in love with the figure.

Ron Weasley 

Now, this was the first pop I received in my sub and it could not have been more perfect. Ron is and always will be one of my favourite characters so to get his figure in my first box was incredible. He is too precious.


STICH IS THE CUTEST EVER, And pretty much the only character I can do an impression of so there you go.

Do you have any Pop figures?
If so, which ones?
And which ones would you love to get?

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  1. They are too cute!!! I really wanted to sign up to this for Dylan (yeah, sure) but I know he'd want to play with them and I'd be too on edge hahaha! I like the whooshes out of Iron Man, very cool! xx