The week that was | 24.5.16


Why hello there! And welcome to a new series! I've decided that in an attempt to get me back into blogging more regularly since I have time again that I'm going to launch a new series called The Week That Was.

The title itself is fairly self explanatory. I'm basically just going to look back on the week I've had and tell you all about it. Whether you want me to or not. You'll also notice that this first post is longer than a weeks worth of stuff (in fact, it was ages ago now because I started this post so long ago and never completed it) but lets move past that shall we?

24th May -

The day I achieved two of my childhood dreams. Charli had a spare ticket for the Busted gig in the motorpoint arena and so I decided to ignore my anxiety of meeting new people and went along! Charli is such a sweetheart and I'm so glad I got to meet her before she left Cardiff! I finally got to see Busted and 8 year old me was so happy! But as well as that, Wheatus were supporting and getting to see them perform Teenage Dirtbag was definitely something to tick off the bucket list!

29th May -

SLAM DUNK FEST! I was so nervous about going to this as I ended up having to go alone as my friend could no longer come. I get really bad anxiety when travelling to new places alone so I was a nervous wreck all day. But I was fine! I managed to tag along with some strangers from the train station to the hotel and then I met up with Drew and his friends once they got to Birmingham. It was such a lush day, we chilled listening to great bands, got fucked and had a right laugh. Definitely going back next year!

4th June -

The day that I officially lost my bingo playing virginity! Me and Jemma headed down to our local bingo hall after work as she use to work there and I'd never played. Fair to say we had a great laugh and quite possibly one of the best Chinese curries I've ever had.

9th June -

Alien Ant Farm!! Me and Cheryl really wanted to go to Download Fest this year and I remembered Cheryl saying how much she wanted to see AAF so when I heard they were playing down The Globe I simply had to get us tickets. And after having a sudden confidence boost earlier in the week, the guy I'd given my number to asked if he could come along too and so he did, which was lovely.

And that is pretty much all the notable things I've done recently. I'm hoping to post this new series every Sunday as I'm always off on Sundays so expect another post tomorrow!

How was your week?

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