The Week That Was | 12.06.16


Back so soon! I'm spoiling you lot! Or rather I'm terrible at blogging and always post weeks after I first start something! But here's to hoping that this new series will change that, get me blogging regularly and maybe even out doing shit.

This week I haven't really done much except work. But I have started seeing this guy from the local pub (remember the one from the pervious post who asked to come see AAF?). I won't go into massive detail because lets face it, no one wants to read that shit. But lets just say that so far it's going well and it's come at a good time for me.

I swear I have some kind of cycle though. I always seem to attract more guys around this time of the year. It happened with Lewis/Drew, then with Joey and now with this new guy. WTF. It is seriously weird but there could be something in it right? Who knows!

Anyway, this is a short but sweet post I'm afraid! Hopefully I'll have more to share next week!

How was your week?
I want to hear all about it!

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