My favourite man | Fathers Day


So, I'm jumping on yet another bandwagon and joining in on spreading the Father's day love! I don't normally show any kind of affection to my dad on here and if he ever read this post I'm sure he would tell me I'm being gay and hand me a measure of rum and that would be that.

We've had a tricky relationship since I was younger as my parents split when I was only 3 and so they would argue about who got to look after us and when. And to start with my I would see my dad every other week and eventually every week on a Saturday. Now, looking back on my relationship with my parents I realise that I probably put my dad on a higher pedestal then my mum simply because she was the one who looked after me all day and I only saw my dad every now and then. The whole strict and fun parent thing.

And I honestly think that my parents being separated was the best thing for me as I'm not sure who I would be without having two different view points on things going on in my life. I'd use my dad's as a place to escape to growing up, especially during my moody teenage years. And he was always the best at giving me advice. He's straight talking and will tell me exactly what he thinks about a situation and having gone through some serious shit in his life, he understands where I'm coming from most of the time.

He's the one person I know I can turn to with anything, along with my stepmum. We may not talk all that much since I've moved to Cardiff but I know where he is when I need him. He's fiercely independent, especially since the movement in his legs has deteriorated and that's something I really admire.

He makes me proud to be his daughter and I hope that I make him proud.

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