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Even if you're not a fan, you've more than likely heard of Game of Thrones. And I'm sure the person describing it to you said something similar to "it has violence and lots of sex scenes in it", am I right? And I'm not going to try and deny that because it's true. Albeit a little bit sad that a show that is full of complex and thought provoking story lines is only remembered for those scenes.

And the biggest complaint I hear against Game of Thrones is that these scenes degrade women into merely objects of sexual pleasure. And whilst I won't go into the argument of maintaining a genuine storyline for the setting etc (I'm sure I'll post about that soon though so keep your eyes peeled for that!), I will argue against it by listing just a few of the badass female characters this show boasts!

1) Daenerys Targaryen.

Daenerys is the most well known female character from the show. She's come an awfully long way since the days of being a trade piece for her brother. And it's not been an easy ride for poor old Dany. Just as she seems to be getting things on track and ready to reclaim the Iron Throne, it all goes wrong for her. She's lost her baby, her husband and the army she managed to get together and yet she still manages to dust herself off and keep fighting. Ser Jorah and Daario Naharis try to rescue her from the Dosh Khaleen and rather than go along with what the men say, Dany has her own ideas and so rather than merely escaping, she takes control of the Dothraki. She never takes power but just somehow manages to get it. Mother of Dragons indeed.

2) Brienne of Tarth

I adore this woman. What's better in a world full of misogynistic men than a gender-bending woman who fights better than half of them? NOTHING. Brian defy all conventions in the Game of Thrones world. She doesn't care about jewels and the only title she wants is to be a knight. She fought her way into Renly's Kingsguard and is fiercely loyal to those she serves, having tracked down Sansa under Lady Stark's orders and not giving up even when Sansa refused her. Which resulted in a very moving scene at the start of this series. 

3) Sansa Stark

If you'd have asked me three series ago if I was a fan of Sansa, I'd have laughed in your face. But as the series have developed and we've seen Sansa go from a spoilt teenager whose head was well and truly in the clouds, to a young, independent woman who can stand up for herself. Especially in recent events after she's escaped Ramsey's clutches and is back on the wall. She's determined to fight and won't give up easily, even convincing Jon that fighting is the right thing to do. A far cry from the timid, head bowing, teenager of a few series back.

4) Catelyn Stark

Catelyn is one of those characters who was fiercely strong from the start. She always followed tradition and stuck by her husband but she was also extremely clever. She knew exactly how to plan a strategy and is always willingly to stand by her family, to the point of being killed beside Robb.

5) Shae

An unlikely contender for this list but the reasons she is unlikely to make this list are the reasons she is on here. When describing Shae most will simply say she was a whore who Tyrion fell for. And whilst that statement is true, it is very limiting to her character. She was a whore but she was so much more than that. She was clever and a multidimensional character who knew her place in the world and owned it.

6) Arya Stark

Arya has been a tough little cookie right from the start refusing to conform to the gender roles of her time. She'd much rather be holding a sword than holding up a dress. And that is, FANTASTIC. We get to see Arya stand up on her own two feet and learn to fight for herself. She becomes independent at a rather alarming rate and has even gone off on her own to become No One (I wonder if my mum will pay for a trip like that for me? I'm sure she would). She's shown how remark she is with a sword but as well as her psychical strength, she's incredibly intelligent and has managed herself out of some tricky situations.

7) Cersei Lannister

Let's be honest, no one is Cerise's biggest fan. But much like Catelyn Stark, she is a fiercely protective mother. She is willing to do anything to protect the three people who mean the world to her. And there is no denying that when you see her with her children. The bond and the love is so pure and so intense it's almost too intimate to watch on occasions. She has a firm grasp on the politics and the games that surround her in her elite world and knows exactly how to manipulate any given situation to suit her.

There are countless more I could talk about four hours, Ygritte, Ros, Margaery, Talisa, Melisandra, Yara, Olenna, Meera, Osha, Ellaria...the list is ridiculous.

And so, to those who believe Game of Thrones is merely about violence and sex - much like Jon Snow, you know nothing. There is so much more to the characters if only you could open up your mind to see more than just the violence and sex.

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