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We all remember to make sure we keep our health in order but we often forget about our eyes. Especially when it comes to the little people in our lives. Whether they're our sons/daughters, siblings, cousins etc.

Boots opticians have teamed up with the National Literacy Trust to produce a book that could help to indicate if there is any concern with a child's eyesight. The book is called Zookeeper Zoe and is basically based on what my life was like as a child (I wish).

The story is easy to follow and keeps the child engaged throughout. It's like any other children book out there and is really well illustrated, the pictures are so cute! But it also has little interactive parts where the child participates in an activity and the result of these indicates if the child needs to go for an eye check or not.

I absolutely love this idea and think it's a really clever way of testing a child's eyesight without having to take them to the scary opticians unless really necessary. If you have a little one in your life, head down to your local Boots and pick up a copy!

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