Derren Brown | Miracle


The past few weeks I've felt myself slowly slipping back into my old habits with my anxiety and so naturally, my anxiety levels have increased a fair bit. A few years back I wouldn't have even been able to recognise this happening until I was full submerged in a world of panic.

But as I've grown to know myself and my mind a lot better, I could see it happening and decided I'd do something about it. For me, my anxiety surrounds doing anything on my own, especially going out to places alone. And so when I saw an advert for Derren Brown performing at the Millennium Centre, I decided that would be my starting point.

My anxiety of course reared its head on the day but as soon as I was on the train to the bay (it's literally a 4 minute train journey from Queen St) I was feeling a lot better. One of my biggest fears is getting lost so when I got off the train I was worried I wouldn't be able to find the Millennium Centre. How wrong I was. This is how close and big the centre is as you literally take one right turn out of the station -

I'd hadn't been down the bay in years and I forgot how beautiful it is down there. And realising just how close the station is to a lot of the attractions has only made me want to go there more. Upon arriving at the centre I had to collect my tickets and find my seat which was pain free as everyone working there is so lovely and helpful. Welsh people are super friendly in case you didn't know.

I thought I'd feel really exposed as I was on my own and I'd have loads of people staring at me, wondering why I was alone. But I felt absolutely fine. In fact, as I sat there alone during the interval surrounded by groups of people talking, I felt more confident that I have done in a while. I felt empowered to be able to sit there, alone, and not give a damn what people thought.

The show was absolutely amazing and mind blowing. How Derren does the things he does I will never know! What I would give to sit and talk to that man for a few hours! We all promised that we wouldn't give away any details of what happens in the show so that those who haven't seen it yet don't get any spoilers. But here are three totally random words that have some small thing to do with the show -


Oh mysterious! 

If you have the chance to get tickets for the remaining shows then I highly recommend that you do! It truly is an amazing experience. And one that I have taken so much from. Not only have I proven to myself that I can do these things, but some of the things Derren spoke about have stuck with me and for the first time in a long time, I walked home last night looking up rather than down at the ground. A small thing for most but something of a miracle to me.

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