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I've been thinking about how unhealthy my eating habits are the past few weeks and I keep meaning to do something about it. I was determined that last week I would change and I made the initial steps by buying loads of fruit etc and I started off well. But as always, the temptation took over.

But after reading this post from Rachel, and having 2 days off together for the first time in ages, I've decided to try and do it properly. I think my biggest issue is not having things planned out. If I have a plan of what I'm going to eat then I tend to be a lot better.

I'm sat on my bed, with the sun shining outside and 3 empty Domino's boxes on the floor and an empty bag of Dorito' see where the problems are, right? And considering what I eat and the amount I eat, I could be in a lot worse shape. But it's not all about my psychical appearance for me, it's more about breaking bad habits and changing the way I look at food and exercise.

And as much as it's about food and exercise, it's also about my lifestyle in general. I'm the worst for remembering to do certain things (like taking my make up off everyday or drinking water) and so I'm trying to change all of that too!

I figured that maybe posting about it on here might help me to focus on maintaining my goals and will give me something to look back at as to how far I've come. So below are my before photos and I will be posting a progress report every Friday.


Have you made any changes to your lifestyle or eating habits?

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