Zoella Bathing Collection


As I've said previously, I am ashamed to say I'm a Zoella fan - that's not to say that I agree with everything she represents and how she is branded etc - I just find myself enjoying some of her videos and I do genuinely like her bathing products. And when I saw this set come out for christmas I wanted to get it. However, the £50 price tag really put me off. But of course boxing day sales are a life saver for these kind of things!

I think the drawers that it is all packaged in are super cute - I love the pinks and creams. And they're also super handy for storing all sorts of things inside - I've got the beauty products that I don't really want on display in there - think razors, shaving foam, cotton buds, foot files etc.

Within the drawers you get -

A small So Cute cosmetic purse
A small shower lily
Creamy madly dreamy body lotion (100ml)
Butter me up body butter (100ml)
Flowers and showers shower gel (100ml)
Soak opera bath soak and shower cream (100ml)
2 small fizz bars (100g each)

The scent of these products is the same as the original collection (for those who are familiar) which is a light, fresh scent. The cosmetic purse isn't really large enough for most peoples make up to be put in it - however I use mine for those odd things that always float around the bottom of my bag - hair clips/bands, paracetamol, tampons etc. The shower lily is really cute and is yet to break on me like most do! My only criticism would be the size as it could do with being slightly bigger.

I brought the Creamy Madly Dreamy body lotion when the products were first released and I think it's  fab! I do however find that if you use too much then the skin can be left feeling slightly tacky.

The Butter Me Up body butter is one of the products that is exclusive to this range and I actually really like it. I don't normally like body butters as I find them too rich for my skin but this one is really great as it's richer than a lotion but not rich that you feel like you've just left the shower after using it.

Flowers and Showers and Soak Opera both smell exactly the same which I was slightly disappointed about as the packaging would suggest otherwise. However they are both great products and perfect for me as I only have a shower. The smell lasts for ages and the lather build up isn't too much but enough to make you feel clean.

But how can you use the bath fizzers if you only have a shower!? I hear you ask - well I use them when I go home and visit my parents (well I say parents, I basically visit the bath tub but shh). The bath fizzers are great, the fragrance isn't too strong though so you have to use several squares if you are a fan of strong scents. I do love the idea that you can easily break off as many squares as you want though as this is an issue I face with other bath bombs.

Do you like Zoella products?
What's your favourite?

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