Lush Spring Event | First Blogger Event


I've only recently got obsessed with blogging so when I got the chance to attend my first blogger event, and it was at Lush, there was no way I was going to miss out! Being my first event I didn't really know what to expect. But luckily I met up with Rachel, Olivia and Beth before hand.

We were all excitedly stood outside whilst the Lush girlies had their group photo and finally the doors opened. They all kindly took our coats and bags and handed us sparkling water and nibbles. Then we broke off into small groups to be guided around with a Lushie.

Most of the groups were 2 people but we didn't want to break up our little gathering so poor Carys had four of us! She was taken on as a Christmas temp but managed to secure the job afterwards. And it was easy to see why! She was so enthusiastic about everything and so genuinely lovely!

We started off with the new shower jelly - Bouncy Bunny - and the shower cream - Yummy Mummy. We had a little competition to see who could lather up the most bubbles with the Bouncy Bunny - I'm rubbish with the little jellies so Rachel won our round! Bouncy Bunny reminded me of jaffa cakes with it's orange scent and the Yummy Mummy shower cream smelt divine thanks to the tonka and orange oil!

There were quite a few new bath bombs and melts in the new range - Fluffy Egg, Golden Egg, Flowering Tea, Ladybird, Rose Bombshell, Humpty Dumpty, Ultraviolet, Bunch of Carrots and Which Came First? - and they were all simply amazing! I cannot wait to try them out!

 (Fluffy Egg)

(Humpty Dumpty)


We then tried out some skincare products, starting with the face masks. We sampled the always popular Cosmetic Catastrophe and Mask of Magnanimity. I adore both of these face masks and they leave your skins feeling super soft and hydrated! We also tried out Rub Rub Rub which is one of my all time favourite Lush products.

 (Cosmetic Catastrophe)

(Mask of Magnanimity)

(Rub Rub Rub)

Next up, haircare! I've never used any of the solid shampoo's but when Maya sampled how easy they are to use, I just had to pick up Jason and the organ oil! We also got to take a sample of the henna hair dyes to try!

Lush also have a large range of gifts for Mother's Day (if you haven't got a gift already then grab one of these!) and Easter! And as always, they're super cute.

 (Good Egg gift set)

 (Carrot giftset)

(Bouncy Bunny and Funky Bunny gift sets)

It was such a lovely night and a great first bloggers event! And receiving a goodie bag with Yummy Mummy shower cream, Fluffy Egg and Golden Egg in it as I left just topped it off! Thank you Lush for the perfect night!

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  1. This was a lovely read, it was such a good night! I got the same things in my goodie bag and I can't wait to try them out :) xx