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You'll notice that I only ever buy the small 100g bottles because, well I can't afford the larger ones. And because they last me forever anyway! I thought rather than review them all individually I would do a collective post.

Beautiful - I picked up this shower gel when we visited the Oxford Street branch because the colour and smell really drew me in. I adore the amber colour with the visible glitter swimming around inside it. And the blend of peach and apricot juices is to die for! This is by far one of my favourite shower gels in Lush's range!

Rose Jam - When I saw this in the Cardiff branch I just had to have it! The rose jam bubbleroon is one of my favourite bubble bars so naturally when I saw it's shower gel form had returned, I completely freaked out. The mix of vanilla pods and goji berry juice gives off a sweet fragrance but isn't too overpowering as some of Lush's sweet scents can be (Snow Fairy I'm looking at you). The inclusion of organ oil leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

Yuzu and cocoa - This bright yellow shower gel is enough to stop you in your tracks. The blend of grapefruit oil and cocoa absolute gives off a scent that mimics chocolate orange and it's simply divine. The citrus and sweet blend really compliment each other and the cocoa butter is rich on your skin.

American Cream - I hadn't tried a Lush conditioner so when I was recommended this one in the Bath store I decided to give it ago. And I LOVE it. I can't believe I haven't tried their conditioners before! It's really rich and nourishing for you hair and you don't need to use a lot to feel this benefit either! The honey, lavender and oranges make this conditioner suitable for all hair types. The strawberry and vanilla scent is suppose to remind you of the milkshakes you'd expect to find in typical American diners...and it definitely does that! It's not overpowering but gives off a sweet scent you'd expect to find with conditioners and makes your hair smell beautiful for ages after using it!

Hot toddy - This is my all time favourite shower gel. I love love love it!! The blend of cinnamon and ginger spices really wakes up your skin and is perfect for the colder months. I was absolutely gutted that they didn't bring it back in the christmas collection this year!

Have you used any of these products?
What are your thoughts?

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  1. Aw man, I really want to go back to the Oxford St store! They had loads of extra easter goodies! I love Yuzu & Cocoa but might seek out a few you've mentioned here when I'm next in Lush! xx