Bright hair | Just not that brave


One thing I wish I could do is to dye my hair vibrant colours! I'm simply not brave enough to try and now my job stops me from doing it. Stupid rules.

The first time I dyed my hair another other colour than my natural one was in secondary school. I dyed it red because I wanted to have the same colour hair as Gerard Way.

And I went on the have my fringe dyed purple for my prom as it tied in with the purple flowers on my dress.

(I'm the one adjusting my boobs in the black dress)

Then my hair went back to being a very normal dark brown colour until last year when my friend Bekah convinced me to get an ombre dip dye.

And late last year I finally risked it and had my hair dyed ginger as I'd wanted to be ginger for years and years. And now I love it too much to want to change it. I'm sure that won't last though.

What's the bravest you've ever been with your hair colour?

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