A cosy room is all you need


Since moving to Cardiff and feely pretty rubbish for the first few weeks I decided to go out and get some trustee 3M strips and make my room feel a bit more cosy!

In an attempt to feel less lonely I decided putting pictures up of amazing memories would make me feel better. Who doesn't love looking at pictures of friends and family and being reminded on memories you've shared?

The next thing I decided to hang up on the walls were my random pictures, sayings, the scarf from when I took my sister to see the rugby world cup, tickets from concerts and shows I've been to see and fairy lights above my bed.

And of course no cosy bedroom is complete without my collect of teddies in the corner of the room!

The newest feature of my room is my dressing table that my mother got me for christmas. I mentioned it being a cute idea when I saw I had a bay window and my mother being as adorable as she is remembered me saying it and got me one. Although it is slightly cluttered with stuff I still adore it - I love that things are on display now rather than away in drawers!

Adding the little touches to the top of my radiator and my jars of lush products and hair accessories just tied everything in.

And of course, the biggest feature of the room had to be made cosy as well! My winter duvet is my new favourite and I've always adore my blanket - essential for keeping those toes warm!

Do you find having a cosy room helps you too?

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