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My lovely mum decided that rather than let me get paralytic for my 18th, she'd buy me something I could treasure and add to over the years. Enter, my Trollbeads bracelet.

I absolutely love it and never leave the house without it on! So I figured it also belonged on my beloved blog!

Amethyst -

As well as the bracelet itself, my mum got me this trollbead as it's my birthstone. I love amethyst, especially as purple is my favourite colour! (the more you know)

Compass -

I bought this one as a reminder to stay focused on where I'm going. I was reaching a low point and wanted something to remind me to keep moving ahead even if I didn't remember why I was.

Lapis Lazuli -

I adored the colour and as odd as it sounds, I loved the Vampire Diaries at the time and this is what the vampires have to wear to be able to walk in the sunlight. I know, I'm far too cool.

Sunglasses -

This one is slightly random but it involves my mum being cute again. She got me this bead as I couldn't go on our family holiday with them as I had work. See, cutie.

Coffee Bean - 

I received a gift card from my amazing work colleagues and so I got the coffee bean bead as we would always have a Costa coffee at work! It's all very cute and fitting

Valentine -

This was another gift and a lovely edition to my bracelet. And because my birthday is on Valentines day, it's very fitting.

Sis -

For Christmas last year I received this bead from my sisters so I have a constant reminder of them wherever I am.

Sea anemone - 

I received this for my birthday this year and it's simply stunning. The colour is divine and the tiny flowers are adorable!

Do you have any Trollbeads or similar bracelets?

**I'll be updating this post each time I get a new bead**

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