Periods | What a bloody nightmare!


I'm yet to met anyone who hasn't had a least one bad experience with their periods, even if they are one of the very lucky few who don't suffer regularly with heavy bleeding or cramps. I'm also yet to have a conversation about periods in a group of people and not have at least one person make a noise or comment of disgust. And that's not right.

What are we teaching the younger girls in our lives when we, as adults, turn around and make noises of disgust over something perfectly normal. What does it say to them when we can't discuss it with each other? But even if we can talk about it normally, why don't we?

We, as a society, need to make more of a conscious effort to talk about periods. And not just to girls, but to boys as well because at some point in their life they too will be affected by them and us women should be able to discuss these things without feeling ashamed.

And the start of that is to realise that a lot of the things we experience that we think are "gross" and maybe not normal for everyone, are in fact perfectly normal.

  • You will get blood on several pairs of underwear
  • Sometimes it will feel like Nigeria falls has fallen out of you
  • Periods smell. But as long as you change your pad/tampon regularly then no one else is smelling what you are
  • Sometimes when you pee it will look entirely like you've peed blood out. It's the water making it look worse than it is, don't panic.
  • You will feel like you're being stabbed in the stomach at some point.
  • You get a sickly/empty feeling in the pit of your stomach when you first wake up
  • You will learn how to get blood stains out of almost everything
  • Carrying pads/tampons around in your bag is not something to be ashamed by
  • You will be caught out without a pad/tampon to use at some point - don't be ashamed to ask another woman if they have any on them
  • Period blood is not like normal blood - it can be really thick
  • Using a hot water bottle can help to relieve cramps

Let's start being more positive towards to discussion of periods and make it a perfectly normal topic of discussion!

Have you experienced anything else at the time of the month? I'll add them all to the list!

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  1. Life as a woman is so much fun! *punches the air* I'd also add - getting your grey granny pants out three days before you're due just incase you suddenly become irregular! x

  2. Such a good and honest post! totally agree that periods for some reason our swept under the rug and not to be spoke about, really glad to read a post addressing the fact that its okay and we all go through it:) x