Nexplanon | How I found it


As I stated in my contraception post, I’ve tried almost every form of contraception and 3 years ago this April I had the implant placed in my arm. The GP sold it to me as a possible way of making my periods lighter and so I thought I’d give it ago as the pill was not my best friend.

The insertion of the implant was relatively painless as they inject you with local amnestic. However, having a knowledge of needles and injections I knew that my GP used the wrong one to inject me. If you ever have it done, they need to draw up the liquid using a green needle and administer it with an orange one. Otherwise you end up with a horrible bruise like I did as the green is almost twice as long!

(The device the implant comes in for insertion)

As they inserted the implant under the skin you do feel a slight tugging and it does look quite horrific – I didn’t know my skin could stretch that much! So if you are squeamish then I recommend you look away. But it’s not painful at all! Even after insertion you don’t really feel any pain. There will just be a slight wound where they’ve pierced the skin but this is tiny and will fade quickly.

I was told to expect an irregularity with my periods for the first 6 months and once I hadn’t settled after that I was told it could be up to a year before they settle. 3 years on and they’re still not. But this is the case for some people. Like the pill there’s no guarantee that it will lighten your periods or symptoms. I decided to stick with the implant to see how I got on (and because I’m so terrible at remembering to take the pill).

My periods have always been heavy and the consistency of them didn’t really change. The frequency however changed all the time. One minute I’d have a period non stop for a month, the next I wouldn’t see one for 3 months. And it drove me crazy! My periods have never been regular by any means but the inconsistency of them was ridiculous.

And because of the amount of blood loss some months I would be left feeling lethargic and groggy all the time. Mix that with period pains and emotions and I was a ticking time bomb. As the implant is hormonal I expected to experience some mood swings but really these stayed roughly the same for me. I was always moody anyway.

Now I’m reaching the final 3 months of this implant, my periods are actually a lot calmer. They’re still not consistent by any means but they are lighter and my mood swings aren’t as frequent as before. I’ve decided to give the implant another go when I get this one taken out and see if now I’ve got past the initial confusion, my body will remain how it is at the moment.

I would say be wary of the implant as it’s just as complex as the pill but if you find the pill is okay for you but like me forget to take it, then give the implant a go! I’ll keep you updated on how the removal goes as I’m not looking forward to that!

Have you tried the implant?
How did you find it?

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  1. I'm so glad you wrote this post because almost everyone I know had a great experience on the implant, I'm one of the few that hated it! I always get really bad periods but the implant made it so much worse, I got rid of it after two years and changed to the pill instead, even though I'm bad at remembering to take it, it's better than the implant! xx

    Kimberley //

    1. The only good thing about it for me has been the convenience of it! My periods have finally started to settle so I'm hoping it will be okay now. I'm sorry to hear you've had a rough time of it too and hope the pill works out for you!xx