Girl on girl hate | Let's make it stop


Girls have a reputation of being much more vicious than boys are and it's sad when you realise how much weight that theory has. And it's only since joining the blogging community that it's really hit home just how much us girls hate on each other.

I sat down and thought about how girl on girl hate has effected my life and I came to realise that as I was growing up through school life I was always more concerned about what other girls thought of me than I did with the boys. I was constantly worrying that I wasn't good enough to fit in with the other girls whereas it was easy to fit in with the boys. And that worry stuck with me throughout my entire school life.

And it still effects me now. I'm always more aware of what I'm saying to another girl and that's held me back from making friends with girls, even on the internet. But we should't be hating on one another! We should be encouraging each other! There will always be a woman who has, in your eyes, got it all together. You shouldn't hate her for that - you should look up to her as a role model rather than try and tear her down.

And us women are the best at pretending like we're okay when really we're struggling. So maybe next time you're hating on a woman for having everything together, take a minute and really look at her because she might not be doing as great as you think.

Have you experienced any girl on girl hate?

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