Feminism | Men need it too


"Advocacy of women's right on the grounds of equality of the sexes" 

- The Oxford Dictionary's definition of feminism.

When we use the word feminism, many people think it's just about women but it is in fact to do with both sexes and trying to achieve equality for all. Therefore, men need feminism too. 

Gender roles work both way

It's not only us women who feel victimised by companies and media with images of unachievable women. Men experience the same issues with unrealistic men being plastered everywhere and women swooning over them. They're made to feel like they should be "manly" and indifferent to their emotions. They're expected to react certain ways to different things just as much as us women are. They're expected to pursue careers in a narrow range just as much as women. They grow up believing they shouldn't want to be a nurse or a hairdresser because those are women's jobs.

Domestic violence happens to men too

So why don't we hear about it that often? And when we do hear about it, a lot of people poke fun at the victim rather than support them because there's a massive stigma surrounding men who suffer at the hands of domestic violence. And that really isn't fair. They are just as much a victim as any woman is.

Victim blaming and men being raped

When it comes to a woman being raped, there's still a lot of victim blaming that happens. They are often told it's their fault for being drunk or for what they were wearing. This suggests that ALL men are incapable of controlling themselves and is a massive insult to those men who are against rape.

"Men can't be raped"

This phrase is still being passed around and it's not okay. Men can get raped. And when they do they shouldn't feel like they need to hide it. They should be made to feel like their feelings and what they went through is just as valid as when a woman goes through it. Because it is.


When it comes to cases of custody battles, the courts will more often than not, favour the mother over the father. And whilst this isn't a concern for everyone, it's still a massive issue because the father should have equal rights to the mother.

We ALL need feminism and the sooner we join hands and stop arguing over the definition of a word, the sooner we can achieve equality.

Do you agree?

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