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I'm never one to get majorly upset over celebrity deaths. Of course it's sad and I feel for their family and friends, heck I even feel sorry for the fans who are so badly affected by their passing. But I've yet to find myself getting upset, let alone shedding tears, over the death of a celebrity. That is until yesterday morning.

I woke up in a good mood ready to face the day of assignments and prepping blog posts, and the first thing I read when I go through my morning routine of looking through my phone, is that David Bowie had passed away. And I was speechless.

For the first time in my life, I was at a loss as how something like this could happen. I couldn't quite comprehend the fact that a man who I, and so many others, had looked up to for so long was no longer on this planet. I lay there numb with grief and I finally understood how so many others before me had felt at the passing of a celebrity.

But of course David Bowie was no ordinary celebrity. Over his six decades in the spotlight he reinvented himself again and again but somehow still managing to remain the man that we all knew and loved. He was constantly beyond his time in the music he produced, his fashion and openness of his sexuality. He was pioneering, uncompromising and sexually liberal; never once apologising for being himself.

For me at least, he was the perfect definition of a true artist. To know for the past 18 months that you are suffering with cancer, to keep that information private and to continue doing what you'd had done the entirety of your life - making beautiful art - is something only a true artist would do.

"Look up here, I'm in heaven"

How does someone creating such comforting music in the face of death? How does someone take something so final and be that imaginative with it? To perfectly time their work with the last beats of their life?

He taught us how to live life with no regrets. To stand up and be confident with the person we are and to never apologise for it. He gave hope and life to six generations in his lifetime, but he will give hope and life to so many more in the legacy he leaves behind.

RIP you wonderful man.

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