101 in 1001


I'm very late to this craze considering it started about 2/3 years ago! But I thought I'd do it regardless because it's actually quite a good idea, providing I can come up with 101 things that is.

So here goes...

Start date - 11th January 2016
Finish date - October 8th, 2018

Study/Career - 

1. Finish my access to nursing course
2. Apply for, get accepted into and attend university
3. Finish my dispenser programme
4. Get a job somewhere other than Boots (even if it's only temporary)

Travel -

5. Go abroad
6. Go to another festival
7. Go ice skating
8. Visit 5 new places in the UK
9. Go on a girls holiday
10. Visit my childhood holiday destination
11. Go to an Air Hop
12. Go for a picnic
13. Visit 3 National Trust areas
14. Ride a hot air balloon
15. See a west end show
16. Do tourist-y things in London
17. Go on a spa day
18. Explore the area I live in
19. See three concerts
20. Go to a karaoke night
21. Visit disneyland
22. Visit the Eden Project
23. Swim in the ocean
24. See a landmark I've never seen before
25. Visit Scotland
26. Visit Ireland

Blog -

27. Reach 100 followers on my blog
28. Redesign my blog
29. Do a blog series
30. Do a photo an hour properly
31. Write at least one blog post a week for a year
32. Post at least one vlog
33. Participate in at least 20 twitter chats (0/20)

Fitness/exercise - 

34. Complete the 100 push up challenge
35. Complete the 365 challenge
36. Run a half marathon
37. Run in a colour run
38. Try yoga
39. Go for a run once a week for 2 months
40. Complete a sit-up challenge

Money -

41. Make and keep a record of my in-goings/out-goings
42. Save £1000 (again.)
43. Leave a 100% tip
44. Complete the penny challenge
45. Don't use my debit card for a month
46. Save £2 for each item I complete on this list
47. Make and keep a record of my in-goings/out-goings

Experiences -

48. Donate blood
49. Get my second tattoo
50. Buy a stranger a coffee
51. Leave 5 inspirational notes for someone to find
52. Write myself a letter for 10 years time
53. Sit and talk to a homeless person
54. Have a NYE kiss
55. Send flowers to someone just because
56. Have a real christmas tree
57. Go for afternoon tea
58. Dance in the rain
59. Write a note in a bottle and throw it out to sea
60. Visit 10 new restaurants
61. Walk in gay pride
62. Go to a fancy dress party
63. Go to the zoo
64. See a ballet performance
65. Have a weekend in the forest
66. Ride a segway
67. Visit an amusement park
68. Go to the cinema alone
69. Go to a comedy show
70. Complete a pinterest project
71. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day
72. Hide a note inside a book at the library or book shop

Buy -

73. Get a decent camera
74. Own all the Disney Classics on dvd
75. Buy an Annie Mac raincoat

Food/Drink -

76. Cook a meal for my family
77. Compile my favourite recipes into a book
78. Make homemade jam
79. Go a month without ordering takeaway
80. Make my own lunch for work for a month
81. Bake something I've never tried before
82. Invent my own cocktail
83. Bake bread
84. Go a month without fizzy drinks

Just because - 

85. Read for half an hour every day for a month
86. Unplug for 24 hours (including TV)
87. Send my family a care package out of the blue
88. Learn a poem by heart
89. Use my yankee candles
90. Hit my Good Reads target
91. Unsubscribed to unwanted emails
92. Get my passport
93. Use 10 disposable cameras and put the pictures in a scrapbook
94. Send a postscript
95. Learn 5 phrases in Welsh
96. Use all the beauty products I have at the time of writing this post
97. Buy a stranger a drink at the bar
98. Donate to charity
99. Write a diary for a month
100. Register at a doctors surgery in Cardiff
101. Use my perfumes

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  1. I love this!!! I'm sure you'll manage to do them all! They all sound amazing! Xxx