Trying to be mature...and still owning a collection of disney toys.


Of course there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with owning Disney toys! In fact, I judge those that don't! It's the "trying to be mature" bit you should focus on.

I haven't posted on here in so long and one of the main reasons being that I recently moved from my childhood town in Somerset to live in Cardiff. A step that was not at all easy for me. And if you read my last blog post then you'll know that I moved for a relationship that no longer exists.

But less about that, and more about dealing with living independently for the first time. I moved into shared accommodation as it meant I had rent and bills included so was the best option for me financially. I didn't however account for the effect it would have on my anxiety. I find it really difficult to talk to new people and so even though I've been here for several weeks I haven't really spoken to any of my housemates as I keep myself in my room most of the time.

Having to suddenly make sure I've got food in for dinner and having to think about what I'm spending my money on has certainly taken some getting use to. You really have to start thinking about every little detail that you didn't have to before. You also learn very quickly that you can make a lot in a microwave!

The hardest thing to adjust to is the level of loneliness you feel. I cried every day for the first few weeks because I felt like I didn't have any friends and I missed my family dearly. But once I started to feel more settled and met more people I've not felt as lonely. Of course I still have my moments, especially at this time of year. But I'm slowly getting there!

I think you naturally know when you're ready to move out and become independent. And I clearly was ready to move out but even after I'd done it I felt like I'd made a mistake, and sometimes still do, but overall it's really taught me a lot about myself in a short space of time and it can only teach me more as I continue!

How did you find becoming independent?
What are you most worried about when you do move out?

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