My top 5 Christmas films!


One of my favourite things to do this time of year is to get cosy in my PJ's, grab a blanket, maybe a hot chocolate and watch festive films! A there's definitely no shortage of them about! So hear are my top 5 -

Polar Express - 2004
I remember first seeing this film on a school trip to the cinema and I instantly fell in love with it! I cannot believe this came out in 2004! I would have been 8! That's insane! It stars Tom Hanks and follows a young boys journey on the Polar Express to the north pole where he discovers that the wonder of life never fades for those who believe.

Elf - 2003
A Christmas classic! I don't know anyone who has seen this film and not loved it! It's full of Christmas spirit and stars Will Ferrell so is hilariously funny. It follows Buddy who is a human that is raised by elves. He travels to New York in the search of his biological father. Buddy teaches everyone around him the true spirit of Christmas and reminds them what it truly important at this time of year.

Nativity - 2009
I'd hadn't seen this film until last year but I absolutely love it! I've watched it so many times this year already! It really takes you back to your childhood and the excitement of christmas and is just so funny! After telling a white lie, Mr Maddens must try to convince the former love of his life to get Hollywood to watch his nativity play with hilarious antics along the way.

Santa Clause - 1994
I wasn't even born when this film came out! I love this film because it's based around something that so many children can related to - parents breaking up. As a child I loved this film but watching it as an adult I can really relate to how both the parents are feeling as well as the child. After a divorce, Scott has his son stay over on christmas eve but things take an unexpected turn when they accidentally kill santa. Over the next year Scott slowly becomes santa, but even he doesn't see what is happening. It takes the belief of the child to show all the adults exactly what they are all missing.

Arthur Christmas - 2011
I adore this film so much! I remember going to see it with my dad and step mum. James McCoy's voice is to die for. After a very successful mission, christmas is complete and everyone couldn't be happier! That is until a child is discovered to have been missed! But no one besides Arthur seems to think it's important she receives her gift on christmas morning! So he and Grand Santa set about delivering it to her - with several hiccups along the way of course!

What's your favourite christmas film?
Or do you hate them with a passion?

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