Making my tiny room festive!


I absolutely love christmas decorations and I get far too excited when they start appearing in the shops! Me and mum always take advantage of my excitement and her mid-life crisis (that keeps occurring) and we spend a day going to loads of shops just looking at all the decorations!

So naturally, even though my bedroom is quite small, I still had to have something festive in my room! And of course my mum agreed! And the result was me carrying a christmas tree on a train from Somerset to Cardiff and then through the centre of Cardiff at 10pm. I'm so great.

Now, being a small tree, it doesn't allow for many decorations but I couldn't leave any out - they wouldn't have fulfilled their christmas destiny! So my tree is slightly chaotic!

I love my tartan decorations, especially the little stocking! And the noel sign is to die for!

I found these tiny mushrooms figures last year and instantly had to have them! They are super cute and I think I might just keep them on my radiator all year round!

My mum is obsessed with christmas candles - but she never lights them! And she forced me to take one of each of the designs that she has! They sit perfectly under my tree!

Window stickers are a must at this time of year! When else can you get away with sticking things on your window!? However, as I always have my blinds across the windows in this room I put mine of my mirror. I have 5 in total but the santa one of the only one at a height where I could take a picture without my face being in it!

I love signs with sayings on them so when I saw this one I needed it in my life.

And my new favourite christmas picture is this one of adorable Taylor! She's just so precious!

Are you crazy about christmas decorations?
Or do you think they're a waste of time?

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