A modern tradition - Christmas Eve Boxes


Some of you may not be familiar with a new trend that's becoming increasingly popular each year - Christmas Eve Boxes. The idea being that you give the box full of goodies to someone on christmas eve. Generally they're given to children or to teenagers. Below are a few ideas of what you could put into them!

Younger children -

Christmas PJ's
Cosy slippers/socks
Hot Chocolate
Festive colouring/reading books
Santa key - for those without a chimney
Reindeer food - you sprinkle this on the lawn before bed so the reindeers know to land there
Festive films

I've only ever done christmas eve boxes for girls who are older so all my ideas for teenagers are only really what you could give to girls. Although a few of the ideas could be given to boys too, you'd just get a different brand.

Only my mum would get a box that says
"No peeking before 25th Dec"

Christmas PJ's
Cosy slippers/socks
Hot Chocolate
Festive film
Face mask
Bath bomb
Bubble bath

They're really easy to personalise and tailor to the person you are getting them for because you can add literally anything you want to! And it really starts to get the festive feeling going throughout the household!

Do you have christmas eve boxes?
Are you thinking of doing one this year?

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