Zoella's new beauty range!


I've been meaning to review these products for AGES! In fact, these were the first products I picked up that inspired me to try blogging again. So that was a while ago! But after months of forgetting and remembering to write this post, I'm finally doing it!! Proud of me!

Now, I adore Zoella. And sometimes it pains me to admit to that. So I'm always excited to try her new products because I feel like she puts a lot of consideration in to them. I felt like her first range of products we're good but the fragrance wasn't too strong. However, when she announced her new tutti-frutti range, I was so excited to get my nose all up in the products.

I accidentally pictured the body lotion from the last range here, sorry!

And I was right to be because they smell AMAZING! In fact, I struggled to refrain from stopping myself buying all the products they smelt so good! But I managed it and I ended up buying -

Candy Cream -

This body lotion is perfect. I was sceptical about buying it because I loved the body lotion from the first range of products. But the fragrance of this lasts so long on the skin and the moisturising beads are amazing and leave the skin feeling so soft!


Lets Spritz -

I adore the packaging of this range, especially the packaging of this product. It's super cute! However, I feel like the fragrance of this isn't very long lasting or strong which is a shame. It's perfect for a midday ahh-it's-lunchtime-and-i-only-have-30-seconds-left-of-my-break top up but not as an all day fragrance.


Fresh Fizz -

Everyone loves a good bath fizzer. And these are super cute. Again, the packaging is adorable! And I love the this one is longer than the previous one, it makes it easier to break up the blocks. Which is also a touch I absolutely adored on both Zoe's bath fissures because you can use it as quickly or slowly as you like.


Foam Sweet Foam -

This shower gel quickly became one of my favourite products of the range. The fragrance is incredible and lasts all day on the skin! And you only need a small amount of gel to build up a decent amount of foam, hence the name I suppose.


I'm really looking forward to trying out the other products in this range, especially the sugar scrub! I also happened to find what I assume is going to be Zoe's christmas range in my local Superdrug store! I'm not sure if it's be announced yet but it's all super cute!! So naturally I'll be doing a review of that nearer christmas!

Have you tried any of the new products?
What were your thoughts?

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