Tumbling into autumn


I don't know if you've notice but we've had our allotted three days of sun this year, the air is starting to get a crisp-ness to it and the crop tops are being replaced by cardigans which can only mean one thing...autumn is on it's way.

Personally, I adore autumn. It's quite possibly my favourite season. I'm a summer hater I'm afraid. WHAT?! How can you hate summer? Everyone loves summer! I'm a terrible human being I know! But I feel like summer holds too much expectation. You see the posts all through spring about how people are going to do so much this summer, see friends and family and go on holiday etc and you get caught up in the hype. You imagine months full of fun and excitement but reality is you either sleep, watch Netflix or work.

Whereas autumn holds a different kind of expectation. You expect nights in with candles lit, hot chocolate in your hands, wrapped in a blanket with X Factor on the TV. No one can expect you to make the effort to socialise when it's starting to get cold and dark outside can they? You can rekindle your friendship with your teddies and duvet. The shorts and vest tops can go away until next year and the oversized jumpers make a reappearance.

And then there's halloween. Who doesn't love halloween?! Being able to dress up and not being called a nerd and getting to make children smile by giving them sweets (or candy if you're American) knowing full well they will sneakily eat a few before going home and then be on a sugar high for the next few hours, much to their parents delight!

Maybe I just like any excuse to stay inside and wrap up warm but I really am happy that summer is nearly over! No more sweating because no matter how hard I try, I can't help but power walk and I misjudged the temperature and thought I'd be okay in jeans...again!

And of course my favourite thing about autumn...pumpkin spice lattes!!

What's your favourite thing about autumn?

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