Honey Bee trippin' if she doesn't like this bath bomb


Okay so that title is lame, I'm clearly tired and trying to be clever. Two things that never work out well for me.

But nonetheless, this bath bomb from Lush is called Honey Bee. And it's fab. Naturally, with a name like that you can expect that it contains honey. Now, I'm not sure if you're aware of this but honey doesn't have the strongest fragrance going. But luckily, the added freshness of the orange oil makes this bath bomb smell uplifting and divine. If you're a fan of the stronger fragrance then maybe this one isn't for you.

The added honey helps the skin to retain moisture and also holds antiseptic properties. Aloe vera is also added to help soothe the skin, perfect after a long day at the office. Rhassoul mud from the Moroccan Atlas mountains also helps to condition the skin, leaving is silky smooth and smelling amazing.

And the vibrant yellow colour of the bath bomb makes it a real treat for all the senses. It looks incredible as it whirls around the bath tub, releasing a concoction of amazing smells.

Overall rating - 4/5

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