In fact, for me it should be - Dis-Ma-Land because as many of you are aware, this bemusement park is set up in the sunny (coughs) seaside town of Weston-Super-Mare which is 20 minutes away from me. So naturally, as soon as I heard the news I immediately set about visiting.

And last Tuesday (8th of September) I did just that. Me, Bekah, Chelsea and her husband Joe all trekked on down at 7pm and...queued!?...in the last of the sunset within touching distance of the park.

Naturally, we had no issue with queuing, we're British after all. Sorry for conforming to the stereotype. It was good fun for me to try and spot who the locals were and who had travelled just to get a look at Banksy's artwork. I'm a little home-proud like that.

I wasn't overly sure what to expect but decided an open mind was my safest option. As we arrived we were "searched" by the staff who were being paid to be miserable and horrible to you! Sounds like my kind of job!

There was so much to look at it was hard to know where to go first! We ended up just wondering around without any real idea of where we were going. I'm the first to admit that I'm really not a massive art fan. Well, not fan, but I can't say I'm very good at understanding it. So I was thankful for some of the easier to figure out pieces.

If you've yet to go to Dismaland I'd highly recommend it. It really sparks the imagination and everything there is super interesting.

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