A day in London


The Tuesday just gone (1st Sep) me and one of my bestie decided to have a day out in London. The main aim being to visit the Lush store on Oxford Street because we both adore Lush and NEEDED to get our hands on some exclusives!

So off we went on the coach and the tube to enjoy a day just the two of us. As we got off on Bond Street, the Disney store was the first store that we saw and just had to go into. And it is incredible! I kept walking past everything wanting to buy it all! I was super indecisive about what I wanted, especially because I'm very aware of Disney's price tags on some things. I ended up picking up an Elsa tsum tsum, the newly released Jack Skeleton tsum tsum, a mug with the Alien from Toy Story and a Simba christmas tree ornament. I also popped into the Disney store in Cardiff today and got the Sadness plush (and I also got a free Star Wars badge!).

We then decided that we should venture to Lush as we decided that we would need about an hour to browse and buy everything we wanted...we spent over 2 hours in there. But it was so worth it! We asked one of the girls in there how we would know if they were Oxford Street exclusives so she showed us around. We started with face masks and she put some of the ones we wanted to try on the back of our hands and gave us hand massages which was so relaxing! We then had a look at all the skincare products and again she tried them on the back of our hands and explained all the ingredients in each product. She was really sweet and lovely and seemed to genuinely take an interest in us as people as opposed to just people to get money from. That's an element I've always loved about Lush is the sincerity of the staff in their stores. They're all super friendly. One of the men there even gave us samples to try of the face masks we didn't buy!

If you're considering going to the Lush store on Oxford Street, I promise you it will not disappoint! And that's including the fact that we totally missed out the lower level floor! But it's an excuse to go back! You can definitely expect a lot of Lush product reviews coming up!

Have you ever been to the Lush store on Oxford Street?
What were your thoughts?

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