This ones a Fizzbanger!


Not least because that's the name Lush have given this vibrant bath bomb.

 Fizzbanger is a ballistic bath bomb that turns your bath yellow, blue and green in a Catherine wheel of colour and scent. It's made using Petitgrain, cinnamon leaf and ylang yang oil in a blend that is crispy and citrussy that settles to a fragrance smilier to that toffee with a hint of cinnamon.

The colours released from the bath bomb are all vibrant and swirl together in the water to create a colourful haven. Not only are the colours amazing when the bath bomb fizzes away, it also contains popping candy so that is crackles as it goes.

The blend of the petitgrain, cinnamon leaf and ylang ylang oils mix together perfectly to create a clam, joyous sensation as you relax in your bath. I also loved the little slip of paper that pops out of the bath bomb with the word "BANG" on it.

Overall rating - 5/5

Have you tried this bath bomb? Did it remind you of toffee apples?

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