A guide to festivals...from a festival virgin...


Okay, so yes I've never been to a festival. And yes this does make me an idiot for writing this post. However, I prefer to look at as an opportunity for us both to learn something...

It is nearly the end of festival season, but there are still quite a few still to look forward to. I'm finally taking the plunge this year and after receiving this...

...in the post this morning, it's hit me that I will be attending my first ever festival. EEK!

I always try to be super organised anyway but I've been super conscious of needing to make sure I have everything I could possibly need. I have a friend who frequents festival and she has already advised me to not take too much and make it obvious I am a festival virgin. So below I have come up with a few ideas of what I think are essential items to take with you and an idea of extra bits you could take.

Essentials -

Baby wipes
Dry shampoo
Sun lotion (if you don't take it then you'll need it. Guaranteed!)
Waterproof poncho
Femfresh (women only of course, I'm sure there is a mens product though)
Shower gel

(Not necessarily in that order)

And of course you don't want to forget the tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and pillow.

And a small bag to carry your stuff round with you while you're enjoying the bands.

A few extras I'll be taking

Disposable cameras
Hair brush (not essential because, well, you're at a festival so who cares right?)
Bite cream (you never know)
Small fragrance
Hand sanitiser
Breath spray
Lip balm
Glow sticks
Femfresh wipes (bit less convenient than the spray)
Blister plasters

I'm also thinking about taking some duct tape with me (for broken tent poles if a drunk person decides to fall on it) and something to make our tent stand out so we can find it again in the sea of identical tents and don't stubble upon some strangers tent thinking it's ours.

I will post after we've been and let you know if there was anything i wouldn't bother taking or worse, wish I had!

Have you been to any festivals this year? What would you include on this list? Or take off?

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