A festival virgin's festival review...


Now, some of you may recall that a few weeks ago I did a post titled A Guide to Festivals...from a Festival Virgin. Since writing that post I have in fact been to a festival and as promised, decided to review my previous post with all the new found knowledge I have *Insert sniggers here*

Here is what I had assumed would be essential...

Baby wipes
Dry shampoo
Sun lotion (if you don't take it then you'll need it. Guaranteed!)
Waterproof poncho
Femfresh (women only of course, I'm sure there is a mens product though)
Shower gel

The only thing I would take off of this list is...shower gel. Eww so gross. I know, I know. But bare with me. Now, a festival, on average, is 2- 3 days. I don't know about you guys but that's not the longest amount of time to go without using a shower. Don't get me wrong, I didn't go the whole 2 days without doing some kind of washing. But after seeing the effort people were going through to shower and get dry etc. I decided that washing with several baby wipes and lots of femfresh was the way forward.

And actually, we didn't smell that bad (trust me, I asked people in the services) and it meant that we had more time to sit and relax in the mornings or go for a stroll to get coffee. But obviously had we been unfortunate enough to have copious amount of mud or someone be sick on us, then I would definitely have showered. But do you really need shower gel every time you wash? No.

Here was what I took as extras...

Disposable cameras
Hair brush (not essential because, well, you're at a festival so who cares right?)
Bite cream (you never know)
Small fragrance
Hand sanitiser
Breath spray
Lip balm
Glow sticks
Femfresh wipes (bit less convenient than the spray)
Blister plasters

The only thing I could definitely say would make it to my essentials list for next year, is a torch and blister plasters. We ended up pitching in the dark and so our torch would a god send. And it's surprising how massive festivals are and when you're camped right at the back (there was no where left and we figured we would find our tent easily) and the arena is miles away, you will do more walking than you realise so even wellies will give you blisters.

One vital thing to take with you to a festival that I did't include last time would be PATIENCE. And lots of it. There will be a queue, and a massive one, at some point. In fact, all the time. Whether it be for the toilets or the water point. So be prepared to wait. Or improvise in some way with the peeing (I won't go into details) and buy water (expect to be shocked at the price though).

So that's my view on what to take with you to a festival...I will do more posts on festivals very soon as I don't want to squeeze it all into one post.

What would you recommend as essentials for festivals?

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