Ed Sheeran Concert!


Okay so I am epically failing at this blog at the moment! I'm seriously lacking the time to do it but I promise I will make more of an effort from now okay!

So, back at the start of July (the 11th to be precise), me and my friend Bekah went to Wembley Stadium to witness the incredible Ed Sheeran give a performance! It was hands down one of the best nights of my life!

As we were all waiting for him to come on stage, someone started a mexican wave and the whole top half of the stadium got involved; there's something about watching several thousand people (there were about 90,000 there in total) do a mexican wave that just brings out the sheerest joy in you.

The same overwhelming sense of joy was felt when we were all singing along to the slower songs and using the lights on our phones (in replacement of lighters of course) and the whole stadium was just alive. It really was breath taking. I can only imagine how Ed felt.

And of course, it just proved how super talented Ed is. To whole an audience of 90,000 people for not only one night, but 3, using only his voice, guitar and loop pedals, is beyond incredible. There was never a sense of boredom and despite being surround by a sea of people, it felt really personal.

My favourite description of Ed is that he is like "a happy little cupcake with colourful tattoos and writes music and gets really drunk and has fun." Because that kind of sums him up. There's never any drama and he's so down to earth.

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